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Susan Herndon: Home

The VAGABONDE album is recorded, mixed, mastered, and manufactured....and is being sent out this month to the Kickstarter contributors.  Official CD Releases are scheduled for June and July 2015.


Some Upcoming Dates.....

18 March~Whip In/Austin, Texas

19 March~Giddy Ups/Austin, Texas

19 March~Threadgill's WHQ/Austin, Texas

20 March~G & S Lounge/Austin, Texas

28 March~AllGood Cafe/Dallas, Texas

3 April~Classics Bar/Oklahoma City

10 April~Chelseas/Houston, Texas

18 April~Something in the Water Festival/Regency, Texas

2 May~Filey Folk Festival/England

11 May~Meneer Frits/Eindhoven, Netherlands

19 June~Shrine/Tulsa, OK

27 June~Blue Door/Oklahoma City

3 July~Barking Rocks/Granbury, Texas

18 July~Open Ears Concerts/Austin, Texas

(See the Dates page for more.....)


The Dirty Power Trio

Had a great time playing our annual Winter Solstice Celebration at Bodeans in Tulsa~ Thanks to all who came out!