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Susan Herndon: News

Love and Music! - September 19, 2018

Lovers of Savage Sumptuous Songs Newsletter, Volume II, Fall 2018 Edition is out. Get yours!  (Yes, it's been well over a year since the last newsletter and since this website has been updated. Things happen. But our office manager is back in business and we forgive her for delays in disseminating information!)

European Tour - April, 2015

Playing in England the Filey Folk Festival this May 2nd 2015 with some additional dates in England, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and come too! Contact Sugar for information regarding booking Susan somewhere along the way. 

Kickstarter Rewards - March, 2015

Sending out your Kickstarter Rewards!  If you contributed to the VAGABONDE project. Thank you. If you have not received yours--it's because Susan simply doesn't have your mailing address. Official CD Releases are this summer in June and July. See the Dates page for details. 

VAGABONDE down in the Boohatch - October, 2014

Another great article regarding the making of the VAGABONDE album in Mike McClure's studio. Thanks, Brandy "Bam" McDonnell.

Interview: Susan Herndon brings French sound to the Blue Door, new album - February, 2014

Thanks, Brandy "Bam" McDonnell for this piece regarding the new album.....

Successfully funded! - January 28, 2014

Thanks so much to all who backed The Vagabonde Kickstarter Campaign. It was launched 19 December 2013 and ran for 40 days.. with cool rewards for those who contributed....Here is the link with more information.  Look for a Spring 2015 release date.  And again, merci beaucoup!

Meilleurs Voeux - January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!  Wishing You All the Very Best from Herndon Headquarters.  The Jan/Feb edition of the Lovers of Savage Sumptuous Songs Newsletter is out with a link to the Vagabonde Kickstarter Campaign and info on upcoming dates, including a tour this month with the wonderful singer/songwriter, Myshkin, and more.  Onwards into 2014!

Je vois la vie en rose........ - November 5, 2013

November/December newsletter is out, get yours!   Heading to France to play some tunes at the opening of the Amiens International Film Festival on 8 November.  With a concert in Zurich, Switzerland the following weekend, in the 1548 home of a dear old friend.  Possible trips planned for England, Holland, Bordeaux, Marseille, mais on verra.....

 Upon returning, we have the Susan x 2 (Susan Gibson & Susan Herndon) shows scheduled at the Blue Door in OKC and in Tulsa at the Tilly Ponderosa.  

And in December we go back into the Boohatch to continue recording the new French album.  (Last month Mike McClure, Tom Skinner, Stephen Rickey Lee and I layed down about 10 tracks, with more to come.)
Hoping to begin a Kickstarter Campaign to fund this project.
This past weekend we had a really wonderful time at the Sweet H2O Songwriting Clinic that I was most fortunate to have had the opportunity to lead.  There was a good turnout of fine folks and we wrote a cool tune and rounded out our day with a show that evening in the Texas Theatre.
Two treks into Texas are also planned for December, for the West Texas Revue on the 10th and then for the South Padre Island House Concert with donuts and cinnamon rolls and songs!
And much more is scheduled with new dates being added all the time.  See the calendar page for more.

Happy New Year...... - September, 2013

September/October Letter of Dates and News is out.....of which the gist is New.... 

New songs, a new album in the works, festivals to play that are new.... The I AM Festival and ZenFest. 

And more!  

Sign up here to get yours.

Hotter Than July - July 18, 2013

July/August newsletter is out.  Tours through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado.  The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival.   The garden is growing.  Life is Good.

Hey~Ho! - June 18, 2013

July's newsletter is in the works.  (And yes, needlesstosay,  April/May's newsletter was released a few months ago!   We've been so busy, we forgot to post such thrilling news on this page. ;-)  But there are just so many new songs to sing and so many rabbit and worm holes one can fall into in this cyberworld not to mention the many wonderful distractions and events that there are in real life..... OK Mozart International Festival just wrapped up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where we had a great time playing and it seems to have been the best OK Mozart ever.  We've started a new fun weekly thang at Tres Cantina in Norman, Ok~ a songswap of sonbirds. Check the calendar page for other cool weekly events.   Last month i played at the Southeast Regional Folk Alliance just outside of Asheville, in beautiful North Carolina, and that was wonderful.  And next  month is The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival right here in Okemah, Oklahoma.... You come, too!

After the Famine comes the Feast! - March, 2013

March/April newsletter is out.... and after the Winter comes Spring... with news of our shows in Austin during the week of SXSW and NotSXSW.... and the following week, The Togetherness Tour with Hank and Shaidri Alrich, with dates in Austin, Dallas, OKlahoma City, and in Tulsa.... in April, there's a trip to Memphis, Tennessee to play Nancy Apple's Song Slinger Showdown.... and then there's OKC's Festival of the Arts and the Norman Music Festival as well as many of our favorite places to play.... Stark's in Pauls Valley, Bodeans and Blue Rose Cafe in Tulsa, and then, tis the season for Elwood's again.... and much more... You Come, Too!

News from Suze - November 30, 2012

The monthly newsletter is out. October, November, December. Sign up where it says, "Join the e-mail list!"

September News - September, 2012

September's newsletter is out.  Dates in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.  The Americana Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee and the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance in Austin.  This month, Susan will be speaking on songwriting and performing at the Songwriters Association of Norman and will be playing at Poor David's Pub in Dallas among other venues.  If you have not received your newsletter, let us know!

American Profile/Route 66 Road Songs - June 5, 2012

Susan's song, "The Bad Roads of Oklahoma" was chosen as one of the 10 Best Route 66 Road Songs in American Profile Magazine.  Along with Roger Miller's "King of the Road," the Eagles' "Take It Easy," the Skinner/Wiles song, "Used to Be" and Bobby Troup's classic, "Route 66," "The Bad Roads of Oklahoma" comes in at number 5.  This is a great article and a fun list, written and compiled by David Sanger.  To see it, click on this link:

Cowgirls n' Angels - May 25, 2012

Two of Susan's songs are in the new film, Cowgirls n' Angels"Lay Me Down" (written by Herndon) and "Oklahoma Girl" (written by Livingston/Hadley/Herndon.)   Both songs are on the newest album, All Fall Down.    Both are also on the soundtrack for Cowgirls n' Angels.  Release date for the movie is May 25th.

May Flowers! - May 1, 2012

May's newsletter is out.... and there are more festivals to attend.... Tulsa International Mayfest and Oklahoma City's Paseo Arts Festival.... another two treks into Texas, playing in Austin. and in Houston, Grapevine, and Llano.... and it's my birthday... You Come Too!

April, Come She Will..... - April, 2012

Newsletter for April is out.  Songwriter-in-the-Rounds on April 1st at the Blue Door in OKC and April 2nd at the Troubadour's Emporium in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with Emily Kaitz, Greg Jacobs, & Tom Skinner.  Then a week of dates in Arkansas.  And a week of dates in Texas.  It's Festival season beginning this month, too!  Red Bull Gypsy Cafe in Stillwater, Oklahoma; There's Something in the Water Festival in Regency, Texas; and the Red Fern Festival in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  It's also the month of some of our very favourite peoples' birthdays!  More dates and details in the newsletter....

March - March, 2012

March newsletter is out~ get yours today! 

Au Secours! - February 14, 2012

Okie Turtle Music and Susan need funds to help them continue with their efforts.  We, here at the Lovers of Savage Sumptuous Song Sanctuary, maintain a ceaseless touring schedule and have funded and produced five albums of original tunes and we humbly request your help with three new projects in the works and an upcoming tour.  If you are so inclined, please press the Pay Pal button and make a donation.  We love and appreciate you and thank you in advance for your help!

Austin, Nashville, Memphis.... - February, 2012

February news is up and out~ and now on to Austin, Nashville, Memphis, and then Austin again... you come, too :-)

January... - January, 2012

Thank you, Maria Gus, for your beautiful writing and your article in January's Bartlesville Monthly Magazine, Never Too Late~ Susan Herndon hits the music scene with global influence and Okie roots~ Susan and the CherryPickers will be playing at Frank & Lola's in Bartlesville on Saturday the 28th of this month... you come, too!

...willie, waylon, and the boys.... - December 30, 2011

playing New Year's Eve in Luckenbach, Texas with singer/songwriter, Bill Lewis... and wishing you a very Happy 2012!  January's newsletter is out today, you can sign up for it here, to the left; your information will never be shared.  Thank you for your continued support~ we love you!

Film News - December 12, 2011

We're happy to announce that two of Susan's songs have been licensed to be in an upcoming film due out in the new year-- more news to follow!

and... - November 1, 2011

November's newsletter is out, (as well as October's from last month!)  Also, thank you to Don White for playing our songs on his radio show, (you can listen to him on Sundays from 7-8 pm at KRSU radio 91.3 FM.)  And, to all who have signed our guestbook and made comments to our blogs, and have signed up and/or responded to our newsletters, we thank you and appreciate the cyberhuman contact in this humongous, lonely vacuum of this great, lovely universe that we live in. 

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