...just because there's no new blah blah blog for a while doesn't mean there's not sumthin' goin on....On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur.  L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.  

It was late when I stopped by Mom's apartment. 

She answered the door whispering to me, "Daddy is asleep in the other bedroom." 
"Huh?  Dad is?" 
"Yes," she said, "Daddy is...or is it Mother? Well, someone is." 
I didn't argue with her. For all I knew, there really was someone asleep in the other room.   Even though in this reality there was nobody asleep in the other room, and i would soon be sleeping in there.   In that other dimension, maybe there was someone in there.  In fact, there probably was.
The week prior, I was talking about films and sitcoms to Grae. I asked him if he liked the Big Bang Theory, told him I loved it. He said, no-- "but my future second ex-wife liked it a lot and I got her the box-set." 
On another occasion, Leslie was in the kitchen cooking and I had just gotten to Norman and was throwing some  different clothes on for the gig that night.  All of a sudden Wayne and Grace start squawking up a storm. Leslie hollers from the kitchen, "are you naked?!" 
I was, indeed.  
Turns out, Leslie's bird, Grace, doesn't like it when her mate, Wayne, looks at naked human female bodies.
So finally,  it came time to move Mom from her apartment into assisted living earlier this year. I was out on a gig somewhere when I got a text from my sister...  
Mom had been convinced all along that someone was ringing her doorbell at all hours of the day and night. Whenever I was there Mom would tell me about it, though I never heard it, and frankly, we  never believed her.  But Ann, my sis, who helped her move, said she was in the other bedroom of the apartment, the place was empty--She and my brother, Hap, had just moved Mom and everything out--when Ann heard the doorbell ring several times... 
She goes to the door.  
There was no one there.

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