Je vois la vie en rose........

November/December newsletter is out, get yours!   Heading to France to play some tunes at the opening of the Amiens International Film Festival on 8 November.  With a concert in Zurich, Switzerland the following weekend, in the 1548 home of a dear old friend.  Possible trips planned for England, Holland, Bordeaux, Marseille, mais on verra.....

 Upon returning, we have the Susan x 2 (Susan Gibson & Susan Herndon) shows scheduled at the Blue Door in OKC and in Tulsa at the Tilly Ponderosa.  

And in December we go back into the Boohatch to continue recording the new French album.  (Last month Mike McClure, Tom Skinner, Stephen Rickey Lee and I layed down about 10 tracks, with more to come.)
Hoping to begin a Kickstarter Campaign to fund this project.
This past weekend we had a really wonderful time at the Sweet H2O Songwriting Clinic that I was most fortunate to have had the opportunity to lead.  There was a good turnout of fine folks and we wrote a cool tune and rounded out our day with a show that evening in the Texas Theatre.
Two treks into Texas are also planned for December, for the West Texas Revue on the 10th and then for the South Padre Island House Concert with donuts and cinnamon rolls and songs!
And much more is scheduled with new dates being added all the time.  See the calendar page for more.

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