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Susan Herndon Music on Facebook also has up to date gig listings.  Susan is not tech savvy and has an aversion to the internet so if you need to speak to her, go to a gig🤗

Friday, 19 January: Zanzenberg Tavern, Center Point, Texas

Saturday, 20 January: Zanzenberg Tavern

Friday, 2 February: The Ridge, Kerrville, Texas

Saturday, 3 February: Zanzenberg Tavern, Center Point, Texas

Sunday, 4 February: Bending Branch Winery, Comfort, Texas

Friday, 23 February: Zanzenberg Tavern

Saturday, 24 February: Zanzenberg’s 

Sunday, 25 February: Singing Water Vinyards, Comfort, Texas

Friday, 1 March: The Ridge, Kerrville, TX

Saturday, 2 March: Zanzenberg Tavern

Sunday, 3 March: Trailhead, Kerrville

Friday, 8 March: Zanzenberg Tavern

Wednesday, 13 March: Texas Heritage Music Foundation @ the VA, Kerrville

Saturday, 16 March: Zanzenberg’s 

Sunday, 17 March: Central Provisions, Center Point, Texas

Friday, 22 March: Zanzenberg Tavern

Sunday, 24 March: Zanzenberg’s 

Saturday, 30 March: Zanzenberg Tavern

Friday, 5 April: The Ridge, Kerrville, Texas

Saturday, 6 April: Eclipse Festival, Center Point Park

Sunday, 7 April: Zanzenberg Tavern

Tuesday, 8 April: La Calabria, Comfort, Texas
Wednesday, 10 April: Texas Heritage Music Foundation @ the VA, Kerrville 

Saturday, 13 April: Zanzenberg Tavern

Sunday, 14 April: Zanzenberg’s 

Thursday, 18 April: Leakey Drug Coffee & Wine Bar, Leakey, Texas

Friday, 19 April: Zanzenberg Tavern

Saturday, 20 April: Zanzenberg’s 

Sunday, 21 April: Zanzenberg’s

Friday, 26 April: La Calabria, Comfort, TX

Saturday, 27 April: Newsom Vineyards, Comfort, Texas

Sunday, 28 April: Zanzenberg Tavern

Friday, 2 May: The Blue Door, OKC

Sunday, 5 May: Women of WoodyFest

Friday, 10 May: Sergio’s, Norman, OK

Sunday, 12 May: Bending Branch Winery, Comfort, Texas

Saturday, 18 May: Zanzenberg Tavern, Center Point, Texas

Sunday, 19 May: Central Provisions, Center Point

Friday, 24 May: La Calabria, Comfort, Texas

Saturday, 25 May: The Ridge, Kerrville, Texas

Saturday, 1 June: Zanzenberg Tavern

Friday, 7 June: The Ridge, Kerrville, TX

Saturday, 8 June: Newsom Vinyards, Comfort, Texas

Sunday, 9 June: Zanzenberg Tavern, Center Point, Texas

Wednesday, 12 June: Texas Heritage Music Foundation @ the VA Kerrville

Friday, 14 June: Zanzenberg Tavern

Friday, 28 June: La Calabria, Comfort, Texas

Sunday, 30 June: Bending Branch Winery, Comfort, Texas

Sunday, 7 July: Singing Water Vinyards, Comfort, Texas

Friday, 12 July: Woodyfest

Sunday, 14 July: Post WoodyFest Show

Wednesday, 14 August: NeWorlDeli, Austin, Texas

Tuesday, 8 October: Concert in the Park, Comfort, Texas

More Dates to Come!

Susan’s new album, L’amour est Etrange has just been released; here’s a snippet of the title track~

Fighting the Forces of Evil~a place where there's no space and time~the Okie Edition

is a collection of tunes from our FTFOE live online show.  These are previously unreleased original songs and some of Susan's favourite covers by Oklahoma songwriters, and the album is free and on YouTube.  Here are links to some of the songs~ CHEERS!

1. This New Year by Susan Herndon and Amy Evans~

2. Blue Rose Cafe by John Hadley~

3. The One That Got Away by Steve Swim~ 

4. The Cake Is A Lie by Joel Melton and Susan Herndon~

5. Song For You by Leon Russell~

6. Fate by Don Morris~

7. Perseverance by Susan Herndon~

8.  Ramblin' Reckless Hobo by Joel Rafael and Woody Guthrie~

(FTFOE poster by Murf)


In May 2022, Susan and the Bella Counsel  released their album~




For streaming, go here to YouTube:  Big Blue Beautiful Dream on YouTube

Or here for other available links:  Big Blue Beautiful Dream at Hear Now

For a hard copy CD, contact us at:  Susan Herndon Music Facebook Message

Love and thanks to those who came to our album releases!


"Susan Herndon's decades-long career has given us songs that are both confessional and universal, presented in a way that is not really folk, not really Americana, but can live proudly in both of those worlds.  This is never more obvious than on Big Blue Beautiful Dream.  It's a retrospective of a time of deep sadness and betrayal but with an eye on a future of serenity and forgiveness and yes, even new love.  While these songs reveal hard truths, this is by no means a brooding effort.  Many so-called songwriter confessions come with an absence of strong melody, choruses or bridges, relying mainly on the story.  Not these songs.  I came of age when pop music grabbed you hard and did not let go, it was not as casual as today.  This is music that will stay with you long after the first listen.  Music falls on our ears differently, but these are the kind of songs I want to hear.  Big Blue Beautiful Dream is as memorable as it is important.  From the opening horn riffs that introduce "Love Glasses" to the closing hope of "You Can't Take That Away," Susan Herndon has given us the best work of her career.  Listen Hard!"  ~Greg Johnson, The Blue Door, Oklahoma City

For more of the latest videos, check out AND SUBSCRIBE to SUSAN'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL~

And let us know if you would like a copy of any of Susan's albums... 

L’amour est Etrange (2024)

Fighting the Forces of Evil (2023)

Big Blue Beautiful Dream (2022)

Singularity~ a Pandemic Stay-At-Home Travelogue (2021)

2020 Vision (2020)

Songs From the Vault (2018)

SPIN (2016)

Vagabonde (2014)

All Fall Down (2010)

1,000 Pies (2007)

Peccadillos (2004)

In the Attic (2002)

Quiet Cave (1999) 



The Bella Counsel~ Randall Coyne, Susan Herndon, Bob French, and Steve Murf Murphy

(photo by Hank Woji)