European Tour 

Playing in England the Filey Folk Festival this May 2nd 2015 with some additional dates in England, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and come too! Contact Sugar for information regarding booking Susan somewhere along the way. 

Kickstarter Rewards 

Sending out your Kickstarter Rewards!  If you contributed to the VAGABONDE project. Thank you. If you have not received yours--it's because Susan simply doesn't have your mailing address. Official CD Releases are this summer in June and July. See the Dates page for details. 

VAGABONDE down in the Boohatch 

Another great article regarding the making of the VAGABONDE album in Mike McClure's studio. Thanks, Brandy "Bam" McDonnell.

Happy New Year...... 

September/October Letter of Dates and News is out.....of which the gist is New.... 

New songs, a new album in the works, festivals to play that are new.... The I AM Festival and ZenFest. 

And more!  

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After the Famine comes the Feast! 

March/April newsletter is out.... and after the Winter comes Spring... with news of our shows in Austin during the week of SXSW and NotSXSW.... and the following week, The Togetherness Tour with Hank and Shaidri Alrich, with dates in Austin, Dallas, OKlahoma City, and in Tulsa.... in April, there's a trip to Memphis, Tennessee to play Nancy Apple's Song Slinger Showdown.... and then there's OKC's Festival of the Arts and the Norman Music Festival as well as many of our favorite places to play.... Stark's…

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September News 

September's newsletter is out.  Dates in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.  The Americana Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee and the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance in Austin.  This month, Susan will be speaking on songwriting and performing at the Songwriters Association of Norman and will be playing at Poor David's Pub in Dallas among other venues.  If you have not received your newsletter, let us know!

April, Come She Will..... 

Newsletter for April is out.  Songwriter-in-the-Rounds on April 1st at the Blue Door in OKC and April 2nd at the Troubadour's Emporium in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with Emily Kaitz, Greg Jacobs, & Tom Skinner.  Then a week of dates in Arkansas.  And a week of dates in Texas.  It's Festival season beginning this month, too!  Red Bull Gypsy Cafe in Stillwater, Oklahoma; There's Something in the Water Festival in Regency, Texas; and the Red Fern Festival in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  It's also the month of some of…

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March newsletter is out~ get yours today! 

Austin, Nashville, Memphis.... 

February news is up and out~ and now on to Austin, Nashville, Memphis, and then Austin again... you come, too :-)