Bob French at the Midway. Photo by Joe Jordan

Bella Counsel Thursday Happy Hours at Bison Witches~ Murf, Bob, Mike, Sean, Randall, Gnomio, Wess, Susan

Bella Counsel Trio~ Randall Coyne, Susan, Bella, Bob French. Photo by Hank Woji. WoodyFest

Steve Murf Murphy. Photo by C. Coffey Photography

Roger Kimball, Jay Wilkinson, Irv Wagner recording Love Glasses at Mousetrap Studio

At Puebla with Buff and TZ

Bella Counsel at Virtual GrooveFest with special guests, Felix Linden, Dr. Victor Rook, and Wess McMichael

With Joel and Greg at the Blue Door

With Steven Streetman. Photo by M Tim Blake

Randall, Gnomio, and Tootie at Art Moves